Blatherings of a bone geek, bookseller, and unapologetic bird nerd. (Now with vegany goodness.)

Bad birdwatcher. Zooarchaeologist. Bookseller. Animal lover. Vegetarian. Expat. Lover of all things chocolate. This blog was started as a way for me to chronicle my experiences while doing a wildlife rehab internship near Seattle. It has since evolved into a place for me to ramble on about my thoughts and experiences, most recently as a volunteer for the Stichting Centrale Dierenambulance Amsterdam. (That’s the Amsterdam Animal Ambulance for you English-speaking folk.)

Update: September 3rd, 2012. A few things in my life have changed since my last post. I’m no longer volunteering for the Dierenambulance, and I’m now vegan. I’m reviving the blog with a new emphasis, and I thought a new username might go nicely with the new focus. (Plus, cheesybird… not vegan. :P)


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  1. Danielle Cumbo

    October 9, 2009 at 17:28

    My Dear A!

    How is life in Seattle? I spoke to Jilles today via Skype and he filled me in a bit on your life post university. I hope you are enjoying your life back here in the States and having some fun along the way.

    I moved back to New York from northern California and it feels good to be home. Remind me never to move to the west coast again. LOL. I do have some interesting boy stories to tell, but will save them for a private email.

    Tell me everything when you get a chance. I miss you terribly.



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