I’ve been getting a lot of messages from people back home along the lines of “Nice stories about cute critters, but how are you?” Well, I wish I could answer that simply. Mostly, I’m too busy and tired to really dwell on how I am, which is a good thing. Idle time leads to contemplation and contemplation leads to confusion. Being busy doesn’t make all the bigger issues and questions of my life go away, but it does push them a bit to the background. “Are you enjoying it?” is another question I seem to be getting a lot from people, and another one that’s not simple to answer. “Yes” would be an honest answer. “Not always” would be equally honest. I love what I’m doing but don’t always love doing it would be one way to put it. Equally, I love this area of the world but not the part where I’ve been spending most of my time.

Being here doing what I’m doing has given me a short reprieve from having to make post-graduation decisions. It’s something I wanted to explore, but is it bringing me ringing clarity? Not exactly. Not about career and not about geography.Trying to look at questions of my place in the world is a lot like looking at the sun. Facing it head on causes me to see spots. I’m trying to look elsewhere and just glimpse it from the periphery.

So how am I? Tired, busy, happy, sad, confused, watching time slipping through my fingers and just trying to live in the moment. Same as always, I guess. Thanks for asking.